What Is Wrong With Google Search?

Google Search is the best search engine; but what you’re giving to Google instead?

Google Search is the search engine that most people use in the world; this is because Google profile you and suggests the best results for the term searched.

There are downsides with profiling users, the biggest being that you’re not seeing organic results but results that will fit your liking and made-up picture or what you may look for.

This seems like an advantage but the true is that it is not; when you get non-organic results, it means that an algorithm is deciding what you see and even though it’s something you may like is does not mean is a neutral, non-biased result.

For a better understanding let me exemplify:

Fact 1: you’re a supporter of X political wing. You search for a political opinion for the next election round.

Fact 2: you search for “Vaccine Supporters”, “Joe Biden funny facts”.

An organic result should include no-biased opinion from both parties (supporters and detractors). However, Google algorithm results will be biased towards the current search term and your previous visited websites, or search terms (Fact 2).

You probably think that there is no harm on the matter but there is; People are getting results in which Google is creating each person an isolated bubble and the true of the matter is that humans need to debate in order to find common grounds and move forward into the future; isolating a user in only their own thoughts is driving each person to drift to their mind, and their mind only.


There are actually a few alternatives, and they all offer a wide range of options and features that differentiate from Google’s Search Engine. Let’s look at some:


Unfortunately, Google Search outperform any other alternative, as over 84% of the public internet uses their trackers and robots that give them an advantage the no other search engine has. So, at the end, it’s up to you.

Would you prefer better, but bias results, or would you prefer organic ones?

Personally, I use DuckDuckGo and for those rare occasions in which I don’t get any useful result i used the! bangs to solve it