New Platform, Thumbnails and More! 🎈🎉🥳

Relaunching a blog is never easy, but I have been working hard on making the transition as smoother as possible. Follow me now on Substack.

Happy Friday everyone!

I’m relaunching the Blog into a new platform (Substack) today.

The idea behind this migration is to spend less time in maintaining services and servers and reduce the cost of running them; this will help me focus more in creating quality content instead maintaining servers.

Some of the improvements you will notice are:

🆕 New comments system

🆕 New blog design

🆕 New free Newsletter; subscribe from the blog top menu

🆒 More stylish logo

🆒 Self-explanatory thumbnails/feature images

🆙 Refactored Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook profile

⭐ I have polished and optimized the current blog posts; less orthographic/grammatical errors.

💭 I will start publishing 2 to 3 posts per week, so I can create quality content.

🤍 Any suggestions are welcomed, use the comment section or any social media platform you prefer.