Better Messaging Apps Than WhatsApp

There is a zillion of WhatsApp alternatives, let’s discovered a few better options.

By now you probably know that I’m not a fan of Facebook or any of their products, you won’t surprise you to know that I don’t use WhatsApp. But why?

There are few reasons I don’t use or like WhatsApp; they don’t care about innovation; Privacy, what privacy, it’s a Facebook owned product and the worst of all the things it has is the “convenience” it offers.

I don’t like the “convenience” of anyone to have my number and feel entitle to message me 24 x 7; I don’t like the convenience of sending terrible picture quality (read my post about “the truth about smartphone cameras”. Or the zillion groups everybody makes).

Anyway, let’s go through some alternatives now:




  • Pre-installed in all the iPhones

  • Supports Video, Voice Messaging and Reaction to received/sent messages

  • Easy and clean design

  • Works really well!


  • iMessage’s only works with other Apple devices

  • It needs an Apple device to work

  • There is no Web Client; so, you need a Mac and a Phone to use the app from your desktop

  • Proprietary/close code

Google RCS


  • Pre-installed in almost all the new Android phones or can be installed in any Android phone

  • Supports Video, Voice Messaging and Reaction to received/sent messages

  • Easy and clean design

  • Open-source protocol

  • Web client


  • Even though is an open standard, some carriers developed their own version, so it’s not compatible between different carriers. You can work around this by using Google Messages instead of your carrier or phone manufacturer messaging app

  • Many users don’t even know their Messaging app supports RCS or what RCS is



  • Cross-platform; available in Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS (iPhone), iPad OS, Android

  • Privacy focused

  • Clean UI

  • Security in mind

  • Supports Video, Voice Messaging and Reaction to received/sent messages

  • Can replace your SMS app in Android; but it does not support RCS yet.

  • My favorite


  • Security is inconvenient, so moving the account to a new device may be challenging for some users. Documentation hyperlink.

  • Few users, but growing rapidly because WhatsApp boycott

  • Desktop client could be better

  • No Web client


Pros Cons

  • No as many users like WhatsApp but growing rapidly because WhatsApp boycott; Businesses are creating their profiles here.

  • Russian based (in case you care…)

Messaging apps are very generic in their plainer form; however, Telegram has taught us that new features, or a simple dark mode shouldn’t take 3 years to arrive, or that limitations are because of the lack of innovation within some other platforms.

I hope that Google RCS gets more popularity, even though I hate Google in a way I appreciate their effort to lunch an Android equivalent to Apple iMessage’s product.

Anyway, I made my mind about deleting WhatsApp two years ago. What about you, which option one would you use, and why?